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Issue No. 01


BEING BORING. One can find inspiration in anything or anyone. We asked our authors to muse about the topic of ‘Relaunch’. We asked them to avoid the obvious (because that would be boring).

Renewal is ubiquitous. It’s a basic principle of evolution. It’s all around us. We’re interested in a state of becoming or change. Don’t worry, most of our thoughts aren’t ‘Nietzsche-dead-serious’ like that. We spend a lot of time on the Interwebs, we’re not deep thinkers.

Issue No. 01 starts off with the features of upcycling, body modification and what entails a fresh start in a new country. Inspired by ‘The Life of Pablo’ we intend to continue adding articles to Issue No. 01 until Issue No. 02 arrives, hopefully in January 2019.

Not bored yet? Wow! We have no illusion about our attempt on publishing a magazine. Sure, some will scan or skim it but not many are going to read it. A magazine that nobody reads can be considered a sad thing. Looking at it from a different perspective it gives us the greatest possible freedom to publish whatever we want.

Unstable Mag is a realm to try out stuff, to practice writing skills, or to simply have fun. By the way, this freedom implies articles in different languages, depending on the authors. We consider it an experiment, some sort of fanzine produced by internal and external enthusiasts of the Interwebs. Should you have comments, critique or feel the urge to write something for us, drop us a line at unstable.magazine@fork.de.

Thanks for reading!