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"Where the f*** are the goddamn keys?!“ –– Everyone, sometime

What are you looking for? Seriously, what exactly are you looking for? The meaning of life, probably? The shortest route to the beach? Your true inner self? Or the right present for your brother-in-law?

Finding something – finding anything! – has never been so easy. You disagree? Well, LMGTFY then... But even with such powerhouses like search engines, filterable results pages, online dating data banks, realtime traffic roadmaps, there’s still this sense of not having found the right thing / present / partner / Airbnb apartment yet.

Really understanding what the process of finding means – that’s what we are trying with this issue. What makes us search for something, someone? Is it the lack of feeling satisfied? Is it because of an undefined longing within? And when do we really arrive at the point of having found whatever we were searching for?

Is finding just a matter of letting go? Letting go of expectations and certain perceptions? Maybe finding is a choice, really. A yes or no to what you’ve stumbled across while searching. Wanna look for some answers? Let’s find out together then!