von fork.de
Slow down Hurry up
Issue No. 06


Rush, little darling! Come on, let’s go!

We don’t have time to get into the details, but we need to hurry up!
Keep calm and make haste!
The solution is just one click away.
The answer to all your questions will just take a few seconds.
The right choice is right around the corner.
So get a move on, we don’t have time!

Are you feeling stressed already? By the constant frequency of requests?
By the imperative of modern life?
Then get a grip!
Because it's definitely not the right moment to take a break.
We have to get going, have to meet the deadline,
have to finish before time,
have to have to.

Too quickly we arrive at places we didn’t want to go to.
That’s probably the downside of rushing things.
But how much time should a good decision take?
How much time does a good beer take?
Is anything like a great conversation even possible in under five minutes?

Slow, that’s what this issue isn’t.
We dive into rushed decisions. Swim along with the rush-hour of life.
And try to clock as many findings as possible about the lack of time.

The Fork on speed – join us on our editorial sprint!

PS: Each article of this issue had to be created in one hour or less.